How Do Your Strengths Lead to Success?

How Do Your Strengths Lead to Success?

Knowing your strengths and using them to navigate your life can be a gift to you and others. Our confidence can build as we experience using them successfully and benefiting from them in practical ways.

Spending a few minutes to first understand them and second to articulate them well can reap big benefits.

These are four ways your strengths can help you thrive:

1. Be Chosen for Colleges, Scholarships, Jobs, and Internships:

When you can accurately describe yourself you show maturity and are a step ahead of other applicants. Your self-awareness can help you be chosen for positions. To be able to present yourself well through writing essays and cover letters and speaking confidently in interviews is a huge asset. .

2. Be Sure of What You Bring at School or Work:

Knowing your strengths effects how you participate in school and work activities. You can discern when you can step in to help or take another opportunity that fits well, both, so you can thrive and let others shine.

3. Make Decisions More Easily:

When we know where we excel, we can have realistic expectations for ourselves, target activities where we can contribute, and make wise career choices. 

4. Decrease Stress and Prevent Burnout:

Our stress reduces when our tasks are a natural fit. In the long run, using our strengths to help determine our work and life activities leads to more energy and decreases the risk of burnout.

Identifying your strengths is a fun process and can open doors for your future! Enjoy!