Strength Activities: Overview

Strength Activities: Overview

Activity 1. Identify Your Qualities and Strengths

  • First, spend about 5-10 minutes to highlight each quality that describes yourself.
  • Second, in each grouping see if you can identify which qualities you may have a great deal of which would qualify them as strengths.

Activity 2.   Tell Your Success Stories

  • Simply answer two questions to write a short success story featuring your strengths.
  • This can solidify confidence and be encouraging. It will help you see how you made a difference in other’s lives and your own.

Activity 3.  Use Your Strengths for Your Future: Prepare for Your Next Success Stories. 

  • Take time to think about how you both use your strengths in the future AND prevent pitfalls. 
  • This can give you wisdom and help you create wise strategies for the future. 

Activity 4. Option for more insight: Include your community

  • Open the opportunity to three to five people that you trust.
  • These members of your community act as a mirror to help you see yourself. They too can write a success story. It may confirm what you see and can build your confidence or offer you new insights.