Strength Activity 2: Tell Your Success Stories

Strength Activity 2:

Tell Your Success Stories

When you can tell your success stories well, you give other people the opportunity to see how wonderful you are. This makes it easier for them to choose you to attend their school, receive their scholarship money, or be hired at their workplace.

Seeing how you effect the world can have an amazing effect on yourself. It can boost your confidence and give you a greater vision for the future!

Step 1: Select 5 Qualities and Strengths 

Directions: Choose five qualities and write them on the lines below. There are three approaches you can take for your choices.

  • Choose your most meaningful and valuable qualities or strengths.
  • Choose qualities you’d like to explore. You might not be sure are your strongest qualities, but you’d like to see how they operate in your life.
  • Choose a mixture of options 1 and 2. 

You can repeat this activity with all of your qualities which could give you greater appreciation and breadth of understanding about yourself.

Note: For ease sake, all qualities will be referred to as strengths for the rest of the activities. 

Strength #1 ____________________________________

Strength #2 ____________________________________

Strength #3 ____________________________________

Strength #4 ____________________________________

Strength #5 ____________________________________

Step 2: Your success story

Purpose: This exercise will help you identify how you’ve used your strengths which may give you greater insight. Even seeing our strengths used in seemingly small ways can build our confidence and remind us of other ways we’ve used them. 

Notes: Remembering compliments or affirmation can help in the process.

Directions: Write your first strength on the line below and answer two questions. Use the third question for reflection if you like.

Strength #1 ____________________________________

How did you use your strength?

What positive effect did it have on you or others?

Reflection: How does this change or reinforce the way you see yourself?

That is your first strength story! You did it! 🙂

Move Ahead: Options

  • Create four more strength stories or move on to the next step if you’d like to continue to focus on this particular strength.