Strength Activity 3: Your Future Success Stories

Strength Activity 3:

Your Future Success Stories

Prepare for Your Next Success Stories

This activity will inspire you about how you could use your strengths in the future to help you build another success story.

Step 1: Anticipate Your Strengths at Their Best


  • Anticipating future successes builds your confidence because you transfer the reality of our past successes into the potential in your future and the unknown begins to have happy definition.
  • It also helps your mind strategize and plan so you can have specific ideas of what the future can become.
  • This exercise can also inspire us and challenge limiting beliefs.

Directions: Write the same strength you used above in the blank and follow the three prompts.

Strength #1 ____________________________________

1. Choose an area where you want to focus: (personal growth, work/school, relationships, finances, spiritual, health, having fun, or another area)

2. What could happen if you use this strength in this area in the next (set a time period that is a good fit for you)?

3. What effect could it have on you or others? 

Repeat this activity with your other strengths or continue to focus on this one and move to the next step.

Step 2: Anticipate Your Strengths at Their Not-Best

This activity helps us prepare for the challenges of our strengths.


  • There is great wisdom in seeing how our strengths can become a weakness. By recognizing this potential we can plan our next steps to compensate for our tendencies.
  • For example, if being relational is someone‚Äôs strength, their relationships may be growing well. However, they might be avoiding difficult tasks which in turn is leading to significant consequences.

Directions: Write the same strength you used above and follow the four prompts.

Strength #1 ____________________________________

1. How can your strength become a challenge or weakness? 

Filling out this sentence could be helpful. “When I do __________________ too much (or am too ______________ ), ___________________ happens.”

2. Can you see a way to prevent this from happening in your next endeavor? 

If so, what are some of your ideas? If not, you can ponder a while or ask a trusted someone to help :).

3. Record a few concrete steps on how you might help yourself stay on track. 

Wonderful! That can be a challenging last bit! You did it!!!!!

Move Ahead:

  • If you like you, can repeat these for the other strengths you chose. You’re also welcome to move on to the next activity.